The Noble Man Knows Some Facts About the Word [Podcast Ep. 12]

What’s the short answer to questions like, “Where did the Bible come from?” and “How do we know it is reliable?” Get the scoop this week as Mike speaks with Daniel Stevens, PhD, Associate Director of the Scholars Initiative at Museum of the Bible.


  • What’s so special about the Bible? 
  • What’s the difference between translation and paraphrase? 
  • Who wrote the Bible? 
  • Where was it written, and how did it get to us? 
  • How do we know it is true and accurate? 
  • How do I make sure the Bible continues to influence my life personally? 

What can I tell my children about why we can trust the Bible? 

  1. Theological 

The person and work of Christ Himself – if Christ was raised from the dead, it’s all true, and that’s what matters. 

  1. Fulfillment of prophecies 

The Old Testament is proven reliable in the New Testament. 

  1. Historical 

Details mentioned of history, geography, etc. checks out with what we know. 

  1. How it got to us (Transmission) 

We have enough manuscripts to know the ways it changed and didn’t change, and we can check all of them to determine what is the most accurate reading. 

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