The Power of a Project

The Power of a Project

Originally Posted by Mike Young May 2012

Your children need you…

They need large chunks of your time. They need to work beside you. They need to see you solve problems. They need to learn how you process things. They need to see your hands do something. They need to know how you handle challenges. They need to see something transition from idea to plan to finished product. I could go on and on here but you get the idea. Your kids need to see and experience the best of you. They need to be part of the project. They need to participate. They need to celebrate. They need to be beside you. 

Here are some thoughts….

  • Plant a vegetable or flower garden.  (Hannah and I just created a raised bed garden and planted a variety of vegetables and flowers. We look forward to enjoying the results!)
  • Build something. It doesn’t have to be complicated. You could build a bench for the yard or assemble a picnic table. The big idea here is that you follow instructions. Use tools and see the result take shape. (Ben and I are working on a desk for the room he shares with Zach.)
  • Change the oil in the car together. (This is becoming a lost art. If you know how to do it yourself. Teach your children how. They’ll better appreciate the why behind car maintenance.)
  • Wash the car and clean the inside. Take time to do this and teach your children how.
  • Redecorate a child’s bedroom.

Be ready…

  • It will take longer than you planned.
  • Expect to learn a lot about your children. And, for them to learn a lot about you.
  • You will likely get frustrated. This will give you an opportunity to demonstrate how to manage anger properly.
  • Expect to laugh as you make progress and mistakes.
  • Make sure you take breaks to mark and celebrate your success.
  • Stop and get an ice cream cone on the way to pick up materials.
  • There will be lots of questions. Be calm and excited about the fact that they are interested.
  • Jazz up the finale with an ‘unveiling’ for the family.

Final Thoughts…

Deuteronomy 6:6-9 says that we are supposed to diligently teach God’s commands to our children while we sit in our house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down and when you rise. Basically, we need to be teaching God’s commands through the way we live. Well, manufacture some great teachable moments and experience the Power of a Project with your children. The project can be long or short simple or complex but doing something together is sure to generate many teachable moments.

So Dad… What’s your project? We’d love to hear your story and see your photos.

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