Part 9 of THE RIGHT NEXT STEP Series

THE RIGHT NEXT STEP series has been all about the impact one man can make when he takes a step of obedience to help disciple other men. It’s so cool to see how these stories stem from some connection each of them had with Noble Warriors over the years. 

It begs the question: How do we reach more men for even greater Kingdom impact? 

It is a question we have been pondering with a great deal of prayer and fasting over 2021, and as we launch into 2022, we want to give you the WhoWhatWhenWhere? and Whyof the process we have been going through to determine our RIGHT NEXT STEPs and how you can partner with Noble Warriors in the new year! 


David Romig and Rich Babbitt, members of our Board of Directors, launched a process in early summer to help crystallize the vision for THE RIGHT NEXT STEPs for Noble Warriors in 2022. 


They began with prayer and fasting and continued with interviewing staff, partners, volunteers, pastors, and men’s leaders. 

  1. We wanted to find answers to questions about what Noble Warriors does best and where we are truly needed or where we might be leaving gaps. 
  1. We needed to explore how we are most effective in serving churches while they seek to build men. 


The process began in the early summer with regular roundtable discussions with pastors, donors, and leaders. It is ongoing, with Mike and the Board still participating in weekly calls. 


Real-life, Zoom, phone calls, you name it. We utilized whatever means possible to seek and find crucial information.  


  1. The not-so-great challenge was Covid. It severely affected our ministry as well as many of the churches we serve. We had to shut down conferences and other in-person meetings and events, many of which have been at the heart of the ministry for years. We have all had to adapt to a new landscape that looks like it might stay in this season of ministry. 
  1. We had a positive challenge from ministry partners across the country who encouraged us to think of THE RIGHT NEXT STEPs beyond local ministry. We are one of the few organizations that helps churches and pastors minister directly to their men. They can see farther than we can see, and they have cast a vision for us to think bigger, expand our boundaries, and equip more churches and more men. 
  1. The most pressing catalyst is the impact stories we hear. These ongoing testimonials of faithful men who made changes in their lives years ago and are now impacting others has lifelong implications. “Wow” moments are great, but when those moments turn into change for the duration, that is priceless. 

How Can You Partner with Noble Warriors? 

Along with growth comes growing pains. Covid forced us out of our comfort zones. We had to get creative and find culturally relevant ways to engage others in the unchanging message. We went from events and conferences to The Noble Man Podcast and Tailgates. We had to be willing to get out of the way and let God show us we can successfully reach others doing things we have never done. 

We’ve been called out and called up. Churches across the country need Noble Warriors.  

One of David Romig’s favorite verses has been Deuteronomy 31:8. “It is the LORD who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.” 

  • Will you pray with us about leveraging the resources and skills we have gained over the years to serve churches best as they minister to men? 

We know God is going before us and walking with us in our RIGHT NEXT STEPs, and He is not limited by our capabilities. We are fine-tuning our skills and resources, going from the wide focus lens to zoom. We want you to be just as excited and just as prayerful as we are with what God has for us going forward. 

Mike Young
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