Family Update | July 2023

MIKE AND STACY met TIM, CAROLINE, OWEN, and LIAM in Chattanooga for a few days this month. It was a sweet time that didn’t involve a hospital or surgery for Liam. But rather much laughter, many hugs, and thankful spirits. Thank you for praying for Liam and their family. Liam is still vulnerable but is healthy and doing most of what a 5-month-old baby should be doing. Praise the Lord! 

BEN has had numerous opportunities to share the Gospel with folks who have never heard of Jesus and disciple new believers in South Asia. He also shares frequently at small house churches. 

We’re never sure where ZACH will be on any given day as he serves in NATO exercises in Eastern Europe. Pray for him to maintain continuity in spiritual disciplines with the workload and schedule changes. 

HANNAH served as a chaperone on the CentriKid trip for our church. She did a lot of hair braiding as she invested in younger girls. 

As we left Tim and Caroline, Tim commented that ‘the sun never sets on our family.’ We’re thankful for a big God to watch over us all!

NW Team Highlight

HOLLIE GILMAN (Communications) enjoyed volunteering for the first time at the conference in March, and it was her husband Mike’s first conference too! It is an exciting time for them as Mike has recently launched his retirement planning firm, GRIP Financial, after working over 27 years in finance and retirement planning.

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