Minute with Mike | October 2021

We love tailgate season! Gathering is exciting but the real issue for the guys is what they do with what they’ve heard.

We put the challenge in context like this…  

Tonight, after The Noble Man Tailgate, “What’s THE RIGHT NEXT STEP for you?” 

You’ve had a chance to… 

  • Eat with the guys.
  • Worship the King.
  • Get sharpened by the Word.
  • Now, take THE RIGHT NEXT STEP.

It may be personal…  

  • I need to read my Bible consistently.  
  • I need to ask God to give me victory over some sin.  
  • It may be relational… 
  • I need to apologize to my wife.  
  • I need to pray over my son.  
  • I need to connect with some wise guys.

It may be leadership oriented… 

  • I need to mentor someone.  
  • I need to start a small group.  

Two key thoughts here.

  • First, don’t try to remember too many points. Satan loves to confuse us.
  • Second, tell somebody. Sin grows in isolation. Tell a trusted friend about the change you need to make, and have him follow up.

Praise God that our Tailgates provide opportunities for men to be challenged in this way.  

Pray for God to give you clarity on a RIGHT NEXT STEP in your life. 

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