Minute with Mike | August 2021

We’ve shared a good bit recently about the value of men being connected with some ‘wise guys’ (see here and here). We all need some men to walk through life with. Seasoned men give us perspective. Peers commiserate with us and cheer for us. Younger men are hungry for encouragement.

Connecting with other men sharpens us!  

Many guys recognize a deficit in this area but aren’t sure how to resolve it. 

Here are some thoughts…  

Invite God to help you notice a guy (or guys) that you could connect with… and ask if you could buy them a cup of coffee. (Bonus points if you take them out to eat. Double bonus if for steak!) 

Avoid the temptation to give advice. Listen. Ask questions. Listen. Ask questions. Listen.  

Here’s a strategy I recommend often… (Thanks, Phil Downer!) Use the 4 H’s.

What’s Heavy?  

What’s Hard?  

What Hurts?  

How can I Help?  

Listen to another man. Encourage him. Cheer for him. Pray for him. Right then. Right there.  

Here’s another idea…

Make a plan to meet a couple of guys to watch Show Me The Father in September and react to it over coffee. Common ground helps us connect with others. You’ll be amazed at guys’ stories when you say, “Tell me about your dad.” 

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