Minute with Mike | September 2021

We all need wise men in our lives. But the typical guy, like me, doesn’t realize how much he needs help until he’s in over his head. I’m not sure where I heard this quote originally but…  

The old man needs the young man’s strength.  

The young man needs the old man’s wisdom.  

Powerful thought, isn’t it? We work hard to connect men in all seasons of life so they can encourage and sharpen each other.

Here’s a quick story…  

One Tuesday night over 4 years ago, our son, Ben, was going to be home alone. Everyone else had something to do. I’m not sure how it happened but Stan Harrison reached out and invited Ben to join him at Chick Fil-A for dinner then took him to a men’s small-group Bible study. (Many of you know Stan’s wife, Laurie, our office manager.) 

Ben was 16. He was the youngest guy there by at least 40 years! But he jumped right in and never missed another Tuesday night with this group as long as he was home. He learned much from Stan, Roger, Richard, Joe, Alan, Lou and the other guys.  

He learned about life, business, marriage, and ministry. (He also learned more about colonoscopies and prostate issues than he wanted!) These guys studied the Word, prayed for each other and did some fun things together. Ben loves the book of Ecclesiastes because it came alive as he discussed it with these guys. I’m so thankful for their investments in him!  

Thank you for locking arms with us to help churches launch intergenerational men’s small groups!

Some need strength. Some need wisdom. Every guy needs some other guys! 

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