Virginia Tech, NC State & Field Hockey

Virginia Tech, NC State & Field Hockey

Family Update / September 2019

TIM is getting married to Ms. Caroline Breeden! We’ll update you next month!

ZACH has returned to Blacksburg early to train for his assignment at 1SGT of India Company for the VT Corps of Cadets. We were there to see his first parade with his new Cadets. He’s learning much about leadership! He’s also jumping back into activities with Baptist Collegiate Ministries.

BEN is now officially a member of the NC State Wolfpack. He is on his way, pursuing Paper Science and Chemical Engineering and calls his brothers to remind them that he’s in college and NOT getting yelled at! He’s already checked out several campus ministries and is connecting with InterVarsity.

HANNAH is left alone. At home. With old people. Namely, Stacy and me. She’s playing field hockey for the first time. Her coaches have noticed that she’s pretty aggressive and moves to the ball quickly. Benefits of having three older brothers! She’s looking forward to plugging in to high-school girls Bible study.

STACY AND I are wondering what happened. Seems like our house was full of active, smelly, wrestling boys just yesterday. Now, they’re off on new adventures. We’re praying more fervently for our kids and reminding each other to delight in each stage of parenting!

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