Visions for the Future

Visions for the Future

Originally Posted by Mike Young January 2007

Guys, at the beginning of each new year, I try to think a bit about what happened last year and what will happen in the new year. Pretty much all I have done in the past is think about it though. Then, when I get to the end of the year again, I can’t remember what I planned at the beginning. When you work like that, it’s hard to measure progress. Well, I decided to operate a little differently this year.

I got up one morning and started making lists on a piece of paper. I didn’t focus just on myself. My focus was primarily on our family.

I think I lead our family pretty well in some areas, but I haven’t always provided much vision or direction for our family as a unit. I want to change that. After making those lists, I consolidated the items and grouped them. The result was a piece of paper that has several topic headings. They are as follows: Individual Growth, Family Growth, Things to Do, Places to Visit, Home Projects, Purchases and Miscellaneous.

Here are some of the things under each heading:

  • Individual Growth: Bible Reading/Study, Service, Books to Read, Prayer Journal, Skill Development
  • Family Growth: Bible Reading Log, Family Night Devotionals, Mike and Stacy Regular Prayer Time
  • Things to Do: Fishing, Camping, Richmond Area Attractions, Swimming Lessons, Service Projects
  • Places to Visit: DC Monuments and Museums, Virginia Tech, Williamsburg, USMC Museum, John Deere Museum in Moline, West Virginia (2x)
  • Home Projects: Power Wash House, Paint Exterior Trim, Paint Master Bathroom, Install Kitchen Floor
  • Purchases: Lamps for the MBR and FR, Chairs for the Kitchen, New Tent, Dutch Oven
  • Miscellaneous: Optional Duty/Chore list for kids to earn $, Monthly Family Financial Summit, Weekly Family Scheduling Meeting, Insurance Review

I generated the original list one morning; Stacy and I discussed it that evening and made some refinements. We will massage it a bit more then talk about it with the kids and let them help with some prioritizing. We will then post the list on our prayer board at the bottom of the steps so it stays in front of us throughout the year. Everyone in our family will know what we planning for and working toward in 2007. That doesn’t mean that every item on the list will be checked off as done. Obviously some items will get pushed off to next year and we are certain to add others as we go.

The key is this: I’m trying to provide vision and direction for my family in a way that I haven’t done in any sort of concrete way before.

I’m not sure how it will turn out… I’ll have to tell you at the end of the year. I can tell you this, Stacy is pretty excited that some of her pet projects are actually on my radar and the kids are pumped about some of the items under Places to Visit and Things to Do. And, I feel pretty good about having provided some vision and leadership.

I’m reminded of what Proverbs 29:18 says in the King James Version: Where there is no vision, the people perish.

Dad, could I challenge you to provide some vision for your family in the coming year?

And while I’m at it, let me give you another tool.  I have developed a spreadsheet for my family that chronicles my age, Stacy’s age (which is always 28) our years of marriage and the ages of each of the children. I keep in on the wall in my office to remind me that as time passes, our time to build a strong marriage and influence our children does as well. I think it would be wise for each of us to have a visual reminder of where we are in life.

Dad, let me know how you are doing with leading your family this year.   

Mike Young
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