Do you want to be in Men’s Ministry?

Do you want to be in Men’s Ministry?

Men, here’s a strong throwdown from my friend, Chris Jackson, in LA (Lower Alabama). He gets men’s discipleship!

By Chris Jackson / May 11, 2017

“We want to get a men’s ministry going in our church”

I hear these words regularly.  I also hear men complain about pastors not supporting their men’s ministry efforts.

Here is an important question I frequently ask myself.  When thinking of men’s ministry, do you want to minister to men or do you want to plan events for men to attend?

It is a very important question.  Most of the time we are much more interested in finding a good Bible study or conference to attend.  These are good things.  However, if you want to be involved in men’s ministry, start ministering to men.  The harvest is plenty, but the workers are few. 

We are all guilty of knowing guys that are going through hard times.  Life is tough.  Maybe things are tough at work, or maybe there is a wayward child, or even an unfaithful spouse.  Perhaps there is just a big decision to make.  We assume: if he wants to talk he’ll say something…You know how men are…They want to be left alone…after all that’s how I’d be.  Lies.  Lies.

Sometimes we’ll walk up to the poor hurting guy in church and say, praying for you or let me know if you need something.  This is just a token touch.

If you want to be a minister to men we have to do more.  We have to draw guys out.  We have to pursue them.  Ask them to lunch.  Show up unexpectedly. 

Before the issues of my divorce became public I was quietly hurting.  I’d only shared my concerns with one pastor friend of mine.  I was trying to keep my problems and feelings close to the vest.  What would someone think if they knew I was having such problems?  I was the church guy.

One morning I had taken one of the boys to school for an early morning field trip.  Instead of returning home, I went to my office.  I was laying on a small sofa in my lobby, contemplating life and questioning God, when a friend stopped by.  What is he doing here so early? 

We made a little small talk before he cut straight to the heart of his visit.  He said:  I have heard some things.  I keep telling myself that it’s none of my business and I should leave you alone.  But the truth is you are my friend and I can’t sleep at night because I’m worried about you!

Naturally, I was overwhelmed by his kindness and concern.  This friend isn’t a pastor or church leader.  He is a regular guy.  But, he drew me out.  I spilled my guts.  He didn’t offer advice, he only offered support.  Later, when the divorce was in full swing he invited me to spend the holidays with his family.

God used a regular guy to help rescue me! 

How powerful it is to reach out in the name of our Father! 

Focus on forming deep friendships first. 

Invite a younger guy to lunch.  Shoot…for that matter invite any guy to lunch.  Nothing fancy…just show interest in them.    Ask about what is going on in their life.  How about breakfast at a coffee shop?

I promise most of the guys you know over 50 are lonely.  They have succeeded in business, their kids are grown, and they are bored!  On the outside they appear to have it all together.  But, on the inside they are lonely and seeking purpose.  Would a group of buddies make a difference?

Focus on relationships first, and before you know it you will be in men’s ministry.  Don’t worry, your pastor will be enthusiastically behind you. 

So, do you want to be in men’s ministry?

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