Minute with Mike | March 2022

When Moses offered excuses, God took them away.

“What is that in your hand?” God asked.

A staff,” Moses replied. 

You know the story. God told him to throw down the staff, and it became a serpent. Then He told him to grab the serpent by the tail, and it became his staff again.

I’ve heard men say, “God can’t use me to disciple other men. I have no qualifications.”

I believe God tires of our excuses. He’s probably saying, “What’s in your hand? What do you have? What have I given you to leverage for the Kingdom?”

Take stock of your experiences – even failures.

Consider all that you have and commit to using it as you invest in the lives of others.

Moses had a shepherd’s staff. David had a hunter’s sling. Peter had a fisherman’s net. Paul had a tent-maker’s needle. Each used what they had to lead and invest in others. Follow their example and use the wisdom you’ve gained from years of life, marriage, work, and walking in faith.

A pastor once encouraged me, “Not a day of your life has been wasted as He prepared you for this assignment.” 

That’s true of you as well.

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