Who’s On Your List?

Who’s On Your List?

Minute with Mike / September 2019

This month, several of our Regional Teams will be sharing a training video about the value of keeping a ‘man list’. Honestly, I encourage men’s ministry leaders to develop and maintain a ‘database’ of the men in their church.

You can’t reach guys you don’t know.

I also encourage every guy to maintain a personal list of men they know and pray for. Consider this, if you were to eat lunch or have a coffee meeting with a guy once a week, you could meet with at least 4 guys every month! You could learn about them, encourage them, pray for them, understand where they are in life.

From a leadership perspective, you could ask a man how he sees himself serving in the Kingdom. Then look for opportunities to connect him with both growth and ministry opportunities. On a personal level, when you know a man, you know how to pray for him. You know when to encourage him. You know when he’s vulnerable. Jesus had 12 disciples. Three were part of an inner circle. One was especially close.

Imagine with me how a few other men would be encouraged by a note or call from you.

  • Let’s pray together that more men, young and old, will find valuable connections with other men and point them to Jesus. We should all follow Paul’s command in 1 Corinthians 11:1 Follow my example as I follow the example of Christ.

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