Battle Briefing | February 2022

Why mentorship? Or we could ask, “Why MENtorship?” 

The answer – because that’s what Jesus did. 

“For I have given you an example, that you also should do just as I have done to you.”

John 13:15 

In The Master Plan of Evangelism, Robert Coleman breaks down how men were Jesus’ method to reach the world. I’m an advocate for mentorship in every area, but if we are to be about the Gospel, it’s also the most effective way we can begin to see lives changed for the Kingdom. 

Jesus was Deliberate. He purposefully chose a few men, the ones to whom he would impart the most important message of all time. They were the ones on whom He would build the Church. 

Jesus was Devoted. After he chose these men, he ate, lived, and traveled with them for the duration of his ministry. Though He came to save the masses, he devoted the bulk of his time and energy to a few. His was a living example, and they had a front row seat. 

We are focusing on mentorship for the next few months because we want to equip men, leaders, and churches to create an environment of discipleship and form strategic relationships for the purpose of spiritual mentorship. 

The purpose of mentorship is discipleship, and the purpose of discipleship is conforming to Christ. 

Thank you for being deliberate and devoted to partnering with Noble Warriors through your prayers and financial support. 

  • Pray for the Lord to show you who you could be mentoring and investing in.
  • Pray that churches will be discipling and mentoring men.

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