How Would Your Wife Answer This Question?

How Would Your Wife Answer This Question?

The 1 Question Survey (from the Iron Sharpens Iron Network) question for August was this… Rate your marriage. Here’s how 1,464 men across the country responded…

Most of those surveyed are Christ followers so that surely skewed the results. But, 51.8% of the guys said their marriages are godly. That’s amazing! 

But it makes me wonder. How would their wives respond to the same question?

I think the typical husband feels like things are going much better than the typical wife. I don’t have survey data to back that up, just lots of conversations.

Confession time. I rated my marriage to Stacy as good. Sure, I strive for godly but I know I fall short. Especially when I think about Ephesians 5: 25… love your wife as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her That’s a tough standard. I’m not there most of the time. Striving, but not arriving. (Just ask Stacy!)

Here are a few thoughts about these results.

  • Have a conversation with your wife. How would each of you rate your marriage?
  • If your marriage is Godly, would you consider engaging some other couples to encourage them?
  • Over 11% said their marriages are struggling. Remember most of these are Christian men. So, at church on Sunday look around. 1 in 10 couples are struggling.
  • Satan doesn’t like marriage. It’s an offense to him and he wants to disrupt or destroy it. So, yesterday’s godly marriage may feel different tomorrow…. because…
  • Storms are in view. I often tell young couples to be on the lookout. They’re likely just coming out of a storm, currently in one or about to encounter one. Storms don’t have to be big, but they are always disruptive and can be damaging.
  • Regardless of where your marriage falls on the scale, RIGHT NOW is a good time to work on it!

We are for marriage! Marriage can’t and won’t be healthy or godly without men who walk faithfully with Christ! Click here for some helpful resources.

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