Workshop Highlight 2019 – James Taylor, Blueprint Church

Workshop Highlight 2019 – James Taylor, Blueprint Church

The best advice that James Taylor has ever received is to “live the life God assigns you to or you’re going to be miserable. That is advice he strives to live by in his role as Pastoral Resident at Blueprint Church in Atlanta, GA. He previously served as Pastor of The Village Church of Portsmouth.

“My passion is helping men become more aware of their value. We spend so much time going through it with trying to prove our worth but if we get close to Christ we grow from all insecurities.”

James had a difficult upbringing , but the struggles he faced as a young man is what spurred him on to search for Christ and inspire other men to find their worth in Jesus.

“I was in a very abusive home until I was 12, by my father, and I had to search high and low to be loved. It is imperative that men learn their purpose but also their value in Christ.”

James came to know Christ personally when he was in the Navy. He says, “The person who discipled me was Markise Roger. He lead me to the Lord on the USS Bataan… From there he walked me through many areas of my life.”

In his free time, James enjoys coaching basketball and training, as well as writing and weight training. And a fun tidbit is that his hobbies also include dancing and doing standup comedy. But what he enjoys most is spending time with his wife and four beautiful children, saying, “We had a blast this summer just reconnecting.”

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