Gary Freeman was attending a fundraiser that his church was hosting for the local pregnancy center, when God ignited a passion in his heart. After hearing the powerful message from the director of the pregnancy center, he left that night with a sense of urgency to pursue his calling.

“I want to see men recognize their worth from God. I believe God has given us all everything we need specifically crafted to carry out His will for our lives in being strong husbands, fathers, and men who stand for the Kingdom of God.”

Gary served in a pregnancy center, both part-time and full-time, before stepping into his current role as Fatherhood and Family Program Manger for the national organization, Care Net, and is grateful to be able to work in this field. He is finishing up a Master’s of Arts in Christian Studies, which will supplement his Bachelor’s of Science in Family and Community Services, and provide more theological awareness and leadership in this area.

As an athlete himself, it’s not a surprise that this former high school and college football player / baseball player / track and field star enjoys coaching in his free time. He also loves going to the gym and working out. One of his favorite books is Saving the Saved by Pastor Bryan Loritts. He says this book is “so helpful in understanding the true blessing of the gift of salvation and experiencing Jesus for yourself.” Gary is currently reading WOKE Church by Dr. Eric Mason with a couple of guys from his church.

“We are passionate about seeing the entirety of God’s beauty at work through the church so we all decided on this book and we meet bi-weekly to discuss and pray together.”

Gary and his beautiful wife have been married for 12 years and they have two energetic and beautiful daughters. They recently moved back to North Carolina, where they enjoy a warmer winter. Gary’s favorite place, however, is Chicago, but only in the warmer months!

Gary says that the best advice he’s every received is “to always count the cost of what we do, and to ensure those costs make Kingdom sense.” He is absolutely investing in the Kingdom as he sharpens men. And what a great investment each man will be making, as they walk away better equipped in their roles as husbands, fathers and Kingdom men who take a stand.

Mike Young
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