Workshop Highlight 2020: Kirk Weaver, Family Time Training

Workshop Highlight 2020: Kirk Weaver, Family Time Training

In the home.

That is where it all started back in 1994. Kirk Weaver had a two year old, and one on the way, when he began home-based, family-led, fun and effective spiritual training. He first learned about the idea of “family time” from Jim Weidmann, who had older children and was using activities and object lessons to teach biblical truths to his children at home. So Kirk started writing lessons for families with younger children, and in 1999 he founded Family Time Training.

“Our lessons would come from challenges and joys facing our children. We would look at what our children were studying in school. And as we read the Bible, images and activities would jump out. We learned by trial and error.”

After teaching a once-a-week Family Time for 15 years, the results included over 700 individual lessons and 9 family activity books.

“I want other families to benefit from God’s plan for primary spiritual training to take place in the home led by parents and grandparents.”

Kirk’s wife, Trudi, is a Marriage and Family Therapist and they have been married for almost 9 years. His two children from a previous marriage have welcomed and embraced Trudi into the family. His daughter works for a non-profit law firm, and his son is a linguist. Both of them now live in the same area as Kirk and Trudi, allowing for weekly family dinners.

In addition to quality family time, Kirk enjoys playing disc golf, hiking, Bible reading and teaching, and international mountain climbing (in his younger years). He’s been on five peaks over 20,000 feet. His favorite place is Moose, Wyoming at the entrance of Grand Teton National Park, which they visit two or three times a year. While there, he can be found either on a long hike through the backcountry or photographing the beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Another one of Kirk’s passions is reading. He reads at least 25 books a year, and his recent list includes:

The best advice that Kirk ever received is Larry Burkett’s financial advice, which also happens to be great advice to for dads to pass along to their kids.

“1) Save $50 a week in your twenties and you will have enough funds when you turn 60.  2) While in your 20’s decide “how much is enough” and live on that amount for as long as you can…anything you make above the set amount–save an additional 50% and give away 50% above your tithe.  3) You cannot out give God.”

Kirk says, “Leading spiritual training in the home strengthened my own faith while creating common family values founded on Christian principles.” And he shares that strength and those values in his fathering workshop. Kirk provides dads with great resources and encouragement, equipping them to have fun and effective devotions with the family.

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