Workshop Highlight 2020: Marshall Shank, Proven Men

Workshop Highlight 2020: Marshall Shank, Proven Men

Statistics prove the critical need for the ministry that Marshall Shank has devoted his life to. 64% of Christian men view pornography once a month, with 37% who view pornography weekly. Marshall states that, “If Jesus’ standard for adultery is ‘looking at a woman with lustful intent in his heart’ (Matthew 5:28), then Christian men are living far from the Kingdom of God that he had intended.”

“These facts and the thought that men are desiring pornography over Jesus is the sole motivator for why I do what I do.”

Proven Men Ministries exists to help men be set free from their sin and passionately pursue Jesus in a personal relationship with Him. They do this through one-on-one accountability and small groups within the church, as well as provide various resources. Marshall’s journey to his position as Proven Men’s Director of Outreach began at the age of 10 years old, when his struggle with the battle for sexual integrity began. This struggle inevitably bled into his marriage and lead them down a dark road of destruction. However, Jesus saved Marshall and his marriage through his experience with Proven Men. In addition to his personal journey, Marshall’s training also included a B.S. in Biblical Studies from Liberty University, which he says makes his story “all the more ironic.”

Marshall and his wife Jill will soon be celebrating their 4 year anniversary. Kids are on the radar, but currently their yellow Lab, named B, is the one who shares their home with them in Lynchburg, VA.

In his free time, Marshall loves woodworking and started his own woodcraft business in 2018. At the moment, he is also enjoying fly-fishing and Muay Thai. The book he is currently reading, The Devine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard, is easily becoming one of his favorites.

“In it, he shares about the Kingdom of God and how Jesus calls us to participate in it. It’s good, really good.”

Marshall’s favorite place to be is a spot he loves in Nelson County.

“The Piney River, while the leaves are changing in the fall, is the best.”

This is probably also the perfect place to practice the best advice he’s ever received, which was “Rest… YHWH did it, and you are not stronger than him.”

Advice, wisdom, encouragement, and resources are all available in Marshall’s workshop, which equips men to fight for sexual integrity.

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