Workshop Highlight 2020: Steve Etner, The Purity Coach

Workshop Highlight 2020: Steve Etner, The Purity Coach

Steve Etner understands the struggle. He personally battled with a lust and porn addiction for over 30 years. But he also understands first-hand the victory only God can give.

“This life-experience, coupled with solid biblical accountability and a deepening love for God and understanding of God’s Word is the basis for our ministry.”

Steve’s ministry, The Purity Coach, offers a Bible-based, Christ-centered, strategic plan for purity.

“I want to see men develop a deeper love for God and an intense passion for purity, integrity, and godliness as taught in the Word of God.”

His desire is that it doesn’t stop there. He wants to see men personally live for Christ on a daily basis, but also learn how to lead their families and their church.

Writing is not only a hobby for Steve, but a passion. He has written five books, is currently writing his sixth, and has an additional 12 more titles that he is developing.

“I thoroughly enjoy sharing with men the things that God has placed on my heart.”

His talents stretch beyond the written word, however, as he shares the little known fact that for many years he traveled as a Gospel magician and ventriloquist!

Steve also enjoys reading, and shares a quote from his favorite book, Fight by Craig Groeschel; “God made us with the capacity for emotions, so having emotions is not a liability. It’s not a sin to feel. Where we get into trouble is when we allow those emotions to drive our actions.”

Steve and his wife, Heather, have been married for 38 years, and they have four children and ten grandchildren. Two of his favorite places to spend time is Disney World and Castaway Cay in the Bahamas.

Steve shares the words of advice that has had the most impact on him, wisdom necessary for leading a life of purity and integrity, straight from 2 Corinthians 10:5…

“Take captive every thought and make each thought obedient to Christ.”

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