Wailer Giles is passionate about singing, songwriting, guitar, jiujitsu, chess, writing, Hebraic studies, and surfing. He and his wife have six amazing children. His favorite place is anywhere under the stars, and he has won against a nationally-ranked Chess master not once, but twice! If his talents and specialties do not grab your attention, his mission here on earth will: to see a revival of sexual integrity throughout the entire Bride of Christ. 

Giles grew up in a multigenerational family of faithful men and women who set an example of Christ and left an inheritance of faithfulness. However, he has witnessed friends and family endure the pain of sexual sin and suffering. Knowing the Father’s heart, he knows this does not have to be how the story ends. After working closely with Proven Men Ministries for several years, Giles began working with the ministry full-time as the Director of Outreach.

He is passionate about intentional spiritual formation and seeing men live in sexual integrity, and he will be speaking on this at The Noble Man Conference on April 15!

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