Workshop Highlight 2020: Eric Wallace, Uniting Church and Home

Workshop Highlight 2020: Eric Wallace, Uniting Church and Home

Using a baseball analogy, Eric Wallace has heard it said, “Don’t worry about the last pitch. It’s the next pitch that matters.”

These wise words have summed up his path to ministry. Eric, the founder and president of Uniting Church and Home, describes his call to ministry as not just one singular “moment.”

“It has been God sovereignly working though my life, teaching me through my personal life experiences and also as a leader in various ministry capacities for over 30 years.”

Through UCH, Eric’s mission is to support churches in equipping homes through gospel identity so that the home is a center for discipleship and outreach. Eric has a passion for restoring hope, confidence and purpose at home, through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

“I strive to be motivated by the love of God for me… and when I am motivated selfishly (which happens more than I like to admit!) God’s love brings me to the cross where I can confess it, be restored, and walk forward freshly motivated by the love of the Father for me.”

Eric’s home is not only a center for discipleship and outreach, but “a very, very busy (and crazy) place.” He and his wife, Leslee, have eight children, ages six to 21 years old, with whom he enjoys time at the beach. Their beach of choice is in the Outer Banks, where Eric loves surf fishing. He is also into cooking gourmet seafood dishes, watching football and traveling anywhere by plane.

“I am a commercial aviation enthusiast. One time I actually flew around the world with stops in London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, South Korea, Kyoto and Tokyo, Japan. The whole trip took 18 days and I enjoyed the different cultures tremendously.”

Currently Eric is reading a devotional book (for the second time) that has ministered to him very deeply. Forty Days On The Mountain: Meditations on Knowing God by Stephen Smallman focuses on Moses’ time on Mount Sinai and how he grew to know God through his experiences.

“Each day I read it, I come away with exciting insights on how great God is, which makes me love Him more.”

In his workshop at The Noble Man, Eric will share those insights, as well as encouragement and resources to equip men to lead their families well.

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