Workshop Highlight: Mike Young, Noble Warriors

Workshop Highlight: Mike Young, Noble Warriors

“I know of no greater Kingdom investment than investing in men. When a man chooses to follow Jesus, everything changes. Ministry is multiplied through men.”

Mike Young is our fearless leader at Noble Warriors and is also presenting a workshop at the 2018 Noble Man Conference in Tidewater. Since 2005, Mike has been at the helm of the Noble Warriors mission to engage, equip, and encourage men. As for his own journey of discipleship, Mike credits Pastor Carey Bates.

“Carey was an interim pastor at Woolridge Road Church when Stacy and I first moved to Richmond. He led me and some other men through MasterLife. It was an impactful experience.”

The dad to four kids, Mike understands the importance of leading by example for his children. One of the many ways Mike and the Noble Warriors team advocate for men in leadership is through The Manger Build Experience and through setting aside time specifically for family. Mike says his own dad is the hero in his life.

“I loved how he could fix so many things and knew so much!”

It’s no secret Mike is also an avid reader. He’s currently reading The Boy Crisis by William Farrell, PhD and John Gray PhD.

“I have found that the most important single tool you can give your son is a once- or twice-weekly ‘family dinner night”.

Mike and the team look forward to what God is going to do at this year’s conference. If you sign up soon, you may even be able to talk over some ice cream with Mike.

“I really love Chunky Monkey ice cream… The combination of bananas, chocolate chunks and walnut in vanilla ice cream is simply awesome.”

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