Young Family Update 2016

Young Family Update 2016

Stacy continues to manage our family with grace and dexterity. Just feeding the crew is a crazy adventure! (And Tim brought 5 friends home for Thanksgiving!) She and Hannah enjoyed a mother/daughter trip to NY this summer. She’s also serving on the pastor search team for our church.

Tim is in his 3rd year at West Point. He traveled quite a bit this summer during an internship with the Department of Defense. He’s serving as the Cadet in Charge of Navigators on post and continues to grow physically, mentally and spiritually. As of this writing only 543 days until graduation!

Zach is a high school senior and enjoying associated privileges. He’s the captain of the Cross Country team that recently qualified for the State meet and leads a Bible study for young men at our home on Monday nights. He hopes to receive an appointment to West Point as well.

Ben, a sophomore, runs track and plays basketball on the JV team… He’s just a few inches away from his first dunk! Ben got his learner’s permit this year (watch out on the roads!). He and Mike enjoyed a father/son adventure featuring four-wheelers and white-water rafting in WV!

Hannah started middle school this year and is adjusting to new routines and friends. She’s doing well academically and really enjoying a girls Bible study at our church in addition to serving with Stacy at The Mercy Mall. She also plays basketball and is learning to cook, sew and knit.

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