Battle Briefing | March 2021

Thank you for the role you play in bridging the generational divide and impacting multiple generations for Christ!

If you listened to The Noble Man Podcast Episode 45, you heard a young man named Jonathan who is thriving in discipleship through Valor, Cru’s ministry for ROTC. He shares a powerful testimony on how discipleship changed him, and because of the change manifested in his life, it influenced his father, and it is continuing to impact his future family. 

“Because of the men that have been in my life, they have influenced me in such a great way that I’ve been able to influence my dad . . . to see his heart change in such a drastic and positive way has been awesome. He loves his children so much, and he loves his wife so much, and now he’s going to church. To see the change in his life because of the change in my life has been so impactful, and honestly, it starts with the men who have influenced me.” 

Discipleship changes men, which changes the family, the church, and the Kingdom. 

Don Hines, Valor’s Team Leader at Virginia Tech, is passionate about reaching military families for Christ. “The military might be their occupation, but their vocation is from God. They are commissioned into the military, but they are commissioned by God.” With your support, Noble Warriors has been able to donate incredible resources such as 33 The Series and BetterMan® by Robert Lewis to this team. 

  • Pray for Valor and the Cru ministry and for these young men to faithfully grow in their walk with the Lord and become the next generation of disciplers.  
  • Pray that NW can continue to provide resources to groups like these to help equip generations of disciples for Christ. 
  • Prayer for the 11 VT Cadets currently experiencing BetterMan that this will be multiplied 50 participants next semester. 

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