Family Time Training

Featured Favorite Activities

For those just hearing about Family Time, we want getting started to be simple and free.

Enjoy this set of Family Time Featured Favorite Activities, one for each month for an entire year. Each one is a tried and true favorite!

12 Free Activities

World News Group

News for students produced by Christian journalists

Access headlines and global stories that cover a wide range of relevant topics and school subjects.

1 Month of World Watch for Free


Role Play the Scriptures!

ActorsBible is a powerful app that provides everything needed to make disciples and foster a love for the Word of God. By enacting the Bible, families and groups bring the stories in scripture to life for all ages.


The Disciple-Making Parent

Need Help With Family Discipleship?

Learn about our resources and get biblical parenting help.

The disciple-making parent

Abiding Fathers


Discipleship involves several elements. The Fathering 101 resources of Abiding Fathers have been developed after decades of parenting and discipling other men in prisons and churches. These are Biblical, easy to read and study, designed for self-reflection as well as group discussions. 

Abiding Fathers Resources