The Noble Man Lives a Balanced Life

Ep. 21 | 08/13/2020

From The Podcast Episode

Our guest is Pastor Steve Reynolds. He pastors Capital Baptist Church in Annandale VA and is the author of Bod4God: Twelve Weeks to Lasting Weight Loss.

Steve is a… 
Son of God, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Son, Pastor, Author. 

Well-being is…  

  • Honoring God
  • Maximizing your life for God – We must be healthy to do this
  • Living a balanced life in the physical, emotional, social and spiritual domains 

Steve’s Healthy Life Testimony 

  • In first grade I weighed twice as much as the typical kid. 
  • I walked off the football field for the last time in November 1979 and vowed to never work out again. 
  • At 360 lbs. I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. I was a sick man. 
  • The Lord directed me to the Bible. I studied the word ‘body’ in the Bible.  
  • I’ve lost 130 lbs and kept it off. I’m 62 and I’m disease free.  
  • God healed me through the greatest health book in the world, the Bible!
  • Ultimately, I did a sermon series called Bod4God.  

The Movement

  • This prompted a movement including a Losing to Live weight loss competition.  
  • Literally thousands of people have lost tons of weight. 
  • Abundant Life
  • My besetting sin, the issue I struggle with most is that I like to overeat and under exercise. 
  • Satan wants to steal, kill and destroy us physically. Jesus wants us to live an abundant, healthy, physical life. 
  • Food that is near you gets in you. Cut off the temptation at the grocery store.  


  • Do what you can do. Exercise is movement. Walking is one of the healthiest things you can do.
  • God designed us to function in the rhythm of having a Sabbath… some sort of diversion. 
  • Twice in the Bible, Jesus pulled away from the crowds to rest, even though not everyone had been healed and not every need was met. 
  • Scripturally it’s a sin to not Sabbath. 
  •  It’s helpful for us as we lead healthy homes, for us to understand how to help our families Sabbath well.  

Final Thoughts/Comments 

  • Get Off the Couch – A Man’s A.C.T.I.O.N Plan… It’s essentially a game plan for healthy living. 
  • Pastors struggle with health issues in large numbers. 76% are overweight.  
  • Bitterness is a huge health issue.
  • If we change the men, we change the family. If we change the pastors, we change the church. 
  • Think about the force that could be unleashed for the Kingdom if God’s people were all healthy.  
  • Listen to last week’s podcast, The Noble Man Works for the Lord.  

Reach out to Steve through his website about launching the Losing to Live competition, or to have him speak at your events.  
Remember, Jesus said the gate to heaven is a ‘narrow gate’!  


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