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Raising Sons into Men feat. Dean Briggs – Part 1

Ep. 102 | 10/25/2022

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In The Noble Man Podcast Episodes 102 and 103, Mike and Dean Briggs discuss raising boys into men and how BraveQuest can help in your endeavor.  

Dean developed BraveQuest out of his own need for a strategic plan to guide his seven sons to manhood. Historically, cultures around the world developed rites of passage for their boys beginning around age 13, a time when they would learn to see themselves as men. Now BraveQuest fills the gap for a “biblical rite-of-passage system for fathers and sons.” 

We fathers know we need to be intentional about investing in our boys and raising them to be godly men, and we need to begin early enough to shape their thinking as they move into their teen years. We have the desire but often lack the creativity to make it happen. Dean has laid it out in BraveQuest; all we have to do is implement the plan. 

Dean suffered the loss of his first wife to cancer. His wife suffered the loss of her first husband due to a tragic accident. The Lord brought them, their seven sons, and one daughter together as a family. Out of that tragedy was born this gift that helped him work with his boys and will help you too. 

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