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Teamwork Makes the Family Work feat. Jay Payleitner

Ep. 83 | 06/14/2022

From The Podcast Episode

Parenting takes work from both the mom and the dad. Join Mike and guest Jay Payleitner as they discuss Jay’s new book, Moms Bringing Out the Best in Dads

Noble Warriors team members Christen and Hollie participate with experience on the other side of the table, offering their perspectives as wives and moms and how everyone benefits when Mom and Dad work as a team. 

“Guys and gals are different,” says Jay, and he hopes to provide some insight for moms on what dads are thinking – or not thinking – and how a dad’s best resource can be his kids’ mom. 

You’ll gain insight, have a laugh, and maybe get a few feathers ruffled as you hear how his wife has taught him how to swaddle and learned when to roll her eyes at him. Most importantly, along the way, she figured out how to bring out the best in him as a dad

“Moms bringing out the best in dads actually brings out the best in moms as well,” says Christen. “It helps us be a better mom when we are helping our husband be a better dad, so I think it’s full circle.” 

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