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Tailgate Series: Used by God feat. Ed Gomes

Ep. 65 | 07/29/2021

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Have you ever asked yourself, “How can I be used by God?” Dr. Ed Gomes, Director of Spiritual Development for the Liberty Flames Football team, brought home a message at our Roanoke Tailgate that helps answer that question.  

Good news! God desires to use us. He has something He wants to do that only you and I can do. 

“Let God take our story, make it his story, so that we can help somebody else with their story.”

First, Dr. Gomes addresses how a misunderstanding of who I am in Christ and an inability to think correctly about God, myself, and others can hold us back. “If we focus on the past we never focus on Jesus.” 

Next, he points out two character qualities in Joseph that demonstrate how God has you where you need to be. But we must pay attention to what’s happening around us and live right, or we will miss an opportunity to communicate truth to someone. 

“Jesus always paid attention to what was happening around him.”

It’s about looking for normal, natural ways to build a relationship, present the Gospel, and speak truth into their life. By building a relationship, we earn the right to speak into others’ lives. Dr. Gomes is a living example of servant leadership with his Shoeshine ministry

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