The Noble Man Makes a Covenant with His Eyes

Ep. 27 | 09/24/2020

From The Podcast Episode

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“I get to live in freedom, and freedom feels good!” 

This week on the podcast Sam Black joins us from Covenant Eyes screen accountability software. You’ve got to tune in to this one to get perspective and tips on how to protect your family online. It’s not just about building walls, it’s about community. 

Protecting Our Kids: “Our relationships with our kids help porn proof them.” 
  • We don’t want to take away their innocence, we want to take away their ignorance.
  • Shame them if you want to keep them from talking and promote compulsion.
  • It’s not just a men’s issue. We need to talk to our daughters as dads. 
  • It’s imperative to talk to kids starting very young. 
Model accountability. They need to see the importance of having others in your life. 
  • Behaviors to Model: “Freedom is real, and victory is intoxicating!” 
  • Accountability is great, but we need to help each other identify and change ritual behavior.
  • Build distance between you and the behaviors and create a new habits.  
  • Success happens through community; it requires community to create healing.
  • God makes community in the church, but you have to step into it.
  • Don’t feel defeated. Decide today starts my path for victory. 

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