Tailgate Series: Gospel Fellowship feat. Josh Franklin

Ep. 62 | 07/08/2021

From The Podcast Episode

What is fellowship? Josh Franklin, Senior Pastor of Mount Vernon Baptist Church in Glen Allen, VA, challenges the stereotype that often comes to mind. “It’s not about cookies and Kool-Aid.” So what is it about? 

Biblical fellowship goes much deeper:

  • It’s partnership in the Gospel.
  • It’s working together for a common mission and goal. 
  • It’s serving together, forming a connection that will always be there.

“Oftentimes we’re looking for a friend when God needs another soldier in the army. We’re looking for a buddy when God needs someone to help partner together in the Gospel.” 

Using the example of Paul, Josh shows us how true biblical fellowship creates the tightest bonds with those whom we’ve shared in the ministry of the Gospel. It goes far deeper than friendship and creates bonds that last a lifetime, even through times of trials. 

“God’s answer to our loneliness is to share together in something bigger than themselves.” 

We have all been forced to isolate to some degree for over a year. It’s time to get busy serving the Lord together.