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Tailgate Series: In the Boat with Jesus feat. Joe Tanner

Ep. 63 | 07/13/2021

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Are you a man who is all in for Jesus? 

Pastor Joe Tanner, Pastor of Missions Mobilization and Small Groups at Parkway Baptist Church in Moseley, VA, charges us to ask ourselves, “What kind of fisherman am I?” Joe is quite dedicated (some might even say a little crazy!) when it comes to shad fishing on the James River. He doesn’t eat and only thinks of one thing when he’s out in the boat – catching fish.  

According to Joe, fishing the shad run on the river is a whole lot like our Christian life. “There’s a call on our lives to be fishers-of-men, in the boat, in the middle of the river, in the current with Jesus.” Too many fishermen are just sitting on a bucket with nothing on the line. We may look the part, but we are not catching any fish. 

“A lot of our church men are sitting on the bucket, and they are not fishing… I want to be in the boat with other dedicated men. Lock your arms up with each other and follow Jesus.”

“Because Christ loves you, He doesn’t want you to stay where you’re at.”


  • Joe walks us through seven times Jesus called others to “Follow Me.” 
    • Matthew 4:18  Jesus’ first call to Peter and Andrew: they left all, followed where Jesus went, and did what He wanted them to do. They got in the boat and went all in.
    • Matthew 8:22 Stop hanging on to worldly weight.
    • Matthew 9:9 Matthew has all the world has to offer and left it behind to follow Christ. What is holding you back?
    • Matthew 19:21 Jesus wants you to love him in return with commitment – not partial, but all.
    • Matthew 10:37-38 Family can be an idol. Your wife and kids are not an excuse to keep you from serving the Lord.
    • Matthew 16:24 What is Jesus kindly, lovingly, but definitively calling you to do?
    • John 21:19 Jesus tells Peter one last time, “Follow me.”
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