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Tailgate Edition: Moving From Failure to Finishing Well feat. Josh Turner

Ep. 68 | 08/18/2021

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“We may not have started well, but with Jesus we can finish well.”

Sometimes we feel like a failure as a father or a husband. Josh Turner brings a message of redemption and restoration for a man who was a complete failure in God’s Word. 

He had no hope. 

He was in the darkest place. 

He lived in a cemetery 

He cut himself. 

“But everything changes when you meet Jesus.”

If you’ve ever met anyone you thought was too far gone, or if you have ever felt like you are that guy, there is always, always, always hope in Jesus. There is no addiction, no chain too strong He can’t break. 

As you listen, think about who the guys are in your life right now that you are praying for or think they’ll never come to know Jesus. 

If God changed this guy’s life, He could change anyone’s life. People need the hope that comes only through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It only makes sense that we share that hope with all those around us and leave a Gospel legacy. 

“It’s more important how we finish than how we start. God wants to change us in an incredible, powerful way.”

Episode 68 is part of our Tailgate Series originally shared in Danville, VA. Josh Turner is a church planter and now Director of Church Planting for the SBC of Virginia.  

The Fall 2021 Tailgate Tour is kicking off soon, so help us hit the road and help Noble Men connect through our August campaign, Connect the Dots with Us. Thank you for helping us point men to Jesus and launch small groups all over the state! 

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