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Take Them to Jesus feat. Don Coleman – Part 2

Ep. 91 | 08/01/2022

From The Podcast Episode

As founding Pastor of East End Fellowship Church in downtown Richmond, Don Coleman now serves as Pastor Emeritus. He has a passion for seeing people meet Jesus through the lives of other believers, as well as the witness of the Church.

Mike and Don discuss what it means to meet Jesus, how the Church needs to grow and change, and how we need to learn to follow Jesus and guide others to follow him.  

“Stop taking them to church. Take them to Jesus.”

He continues by asking, “Have you met Him (Jesus)? If you haven’t, where are you leading people?” 

“Do what Jesus Did (DWJD). Don’t ask, ‘What would Jesus Do?’ (WWJD) He already told us. Stop asking questions. Read his Word!” 

“Jesus said, ‘Follow me, and I will MAKE you fishers of men.’ He did not expect them to automatically be fishers of men. As we follow Jesus, he will make us disciple-makers, so we don’t have any excuses!” 

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