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Mobilize Men to Disciple Boys feat. Scott Haima

Ep. 77 | 05/03/2022

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What can a young man in his 20s do to have a lasting effect for the Kingdom? What could he have to offer? 

Listen to Episode 77 of The Noble Man Podcast to find out how a college sophomore founded Christian Service Brigade (CSB Ministries) in the 30s. Now, the 85-year-old ministry has been geared towards purposefully pointing boys to Jesus for generations, in hundreds of churches, in every state. 

Mike Young and Scott Haima, current President of CSB Ministries, discuss the benefits of older men being willing to mentor and disciple young men and how both are transformed in the process. 

CSB Ministries provides a unique and vital avenue for boys to learn to do something for Christ, not just to have something to do. The ministry is structured for a lifestyle of learning that values and attends to how God has fearfully and wonderfully made boys. 

“(Testosterone) is a God-given, chemical reaction in our body, and it’s not toxic.”

How might you join the effort and use your passions, hobbies, and talents to raise up the next generation of healthy young men?  

“The reality is, God doesn’t give us men. He gives us boys.”

CSB is a high-octane opportunity – check it out! 

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