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The Untapped Army feat. Chuck Stecker

Ep. 78 | 05/10/2022

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In The Noble Man Podcast Episode 78, we’re talking about activating and mobilizing an untapped, undeployed army in the church – the Gen X and Boomer generations.

Rev. Chuck Stecker, Executive Director and Founder of A Chosen Generation Ministry, has dedicated the past 22 years to equipping, training, empowering, and releasing a new generation of leaders, and he sees the need for intergenerational ministry in the local church.

Mike and Chuck uncover some unexpected reasons older men aren’t engaging in discipleship and discuss how they can be mobilized toward mentoring and discipling.

“You can’t teach what you don’t know. You can’t lead where you won’t go. And you only reproduce what you are.”

Chuck didn’t know who he was or whose he was but came to the life-changing discovery that he was adopted by the King as one of his very own sons. He has encountered many men who have never been given their father’s blessing, never felt accepted as sons, and don’t know how to pass that on, but they can come to the point of healing.

Listen and learn why the analogy of Passing the Baton is deceiving and how to break away from the lie that you’ve done your part.

Don’t quit running. Don’t step off the track. Pray for the spirit of Caleb, who at 85 years old, said, “Give me my mountain.”

“God wants your story to be part of his story so that your story will be part of his story.”

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