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Cross-Cultural Friendships feat. Clarence Shuler – Part 1

Ep. 85 | 06/28/2022

From The Podcast Episode

Clarence Shuler is a discipler of disciplers, “a Swiss army knife of ministry,” and it all began when he was 14. A local youth pastor named Gary Chapman took a chance on him in a place and time where cross-cultural relationships were rare and challenging.  

“Segregation was outlawed but still being practiced.” 

Yet he experienced love and respect from Gary, and over five decades later, the two are still like family. The seeds of discipleship Gary planted in Clarence’s 14-year-old heart have taken root, produced fruit, and multiplied in the lives of other men. They recently co-authored the book Life-Changing Cross-Cultural Friendships

In The Noble Man Podcast Episodes 85 and 86, Clarence: 

  • highlights the keys to beginning and fostering cross-cultural friendships, 
  • describes the difference between discipleship and mentoring and how long mentoring relationships should last, 
  • discusses self-worth vs. self-worship, and 
  • talks through ways churches can value people beyond what goes skin deep, and more. 

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