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Abiding, Pruning and Producing Fruit feat. Chris Jackson – Part 1

Ep. 87 | 07/12/2022

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Chris Jackson has a background in business and in ministry. They were both thriving when God called him to step away from the active ministry he was running and the successful business he had invested himself into for 18 years.  

Chris had been inspired by one conversation he had years ago with a man in his 60s who believed his most powerful and influential days were still ahead of him. He set out to continually grow and pour into others as Christ pours into him.  

“One conversation that God is in the middle of can change your life.”

Chris is now a C12 Chair in southern Alabama. He has a mission to abide in Christ and allow him to do the pruning necessary to produce much fruit in his life. Listen as he shares these lessons and more in Episodes 87 & 88 of The Noble Man Podcast: 

  • How we can be influential if we continue to walk with God.
  • Why a Christian must never be set in his ways.
  • How our pride limits us.
  • How we must walk at a different pace than the world is promoting.

“I am the true vine, and my Father is the vinedresser.” John 15:1 

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